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Join us at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on our mission to enrich lives through dedicated public service and tangible achievements. 

Beyond just a workplace, Pennsylvania offers a realm of possibilities, distinguished by its affordable cost of living, premier educational institutions, and top-notch healthcare facilities. Rich in history and the birthplace of our nation, it stands as a testament to cultural diversity and innovation. 

Here, your role is more than a job—it's a commitment to making a real difference. With a diverse array of career paths from healthcare and IT to public safety and engineering, you're invited to grow and excel in an environment that cherishes both your professional and personal aspirations. 

Welcome to the Keystone State, where your passion becomes our shared mission. Let's work together to create a brighter future for all Pennsylvanians. 

Work-Life Balance: Our Commitment to You

At the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we believe there's more to life than work. That's why we're not just offering you a job; we're inviting you into a supportive community where both your professional and personal lives are valued and nurtured. With competitive salaries, a variety of healthcare options to meet diverse needs, and robust retirement plans, we're here to secure your future. 

Start Exploring Our Benefits Today! 

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Launch Your Career

Are you eager to make an impact and jumpstart your career? Explore our internships, fellowships, and apprenticeships designed with you in mind; these opportunities are your gateway to real-world experience, mentorship from seasoned professionals, and the chance to contribute to meaningful projects. 

What's more, we believe in the value of your contributions from day one, which is why all our positions are paid. This means you'll earn as you learn, gaining not just experience but also financial support. 

Ready to get started? Visit the "Launch Your Career with Pennsylvania" website to learn more.  

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Ready to Apply?

We have a variety of roles waiting for you, categorized into two main types: civil service and non-civil service. When you take a look at our job board, you'll find: 

  1. Vacancy Postings: This is where you’ll see all the openings for non-civil service jobs and quite a few civil service ones too. It’s your go-to for finding out about the roles we’re eager to fill. Keen to learn more about these opportunities? Check out our guide on Applying to a Vacancy
  1. Exam Postings: For some civil service roles, you'll need to ace an exam, which could be online or in person, before you can throw your hat in the ring for the job. These are listed as “Civil Service Written/Online Exam for Future Vacancies.” Got questions? Don’t sweat it! Our Applying to an Exam guide is here to help you navigate through. 

Ready to Make a Difference? 

Whether you're exploring the vacancies or gearing up for an exam, we're here to support you on your journey. Join our mission to make Pennsylvania a better place for everyone. 

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